I write occasionally about tech, startups, and other things.

building a freelance search chatgpt plugin in 7 days

3 min read

The long-awaited ChatGPT Store launched this week Wednesday January 10th. Leading up to it’s launch, the TalentLayer team has been developing a very exciting tool in this new ecosystem...

talentlayer success story - how one open-source contributor saved TheBadge’s launch day

5 min read

This month, something incredible happened. The newest platform to launch on TalentLayer, BuilderPlace, ended up helping a startup solve an emergency bug that was preventing their mainnet launch! It all started at 8 AM on Friday...

bootstrapping talentlayer together

10 min read

A letter to the TalentLayer open-source community about our next steps to scale the protocol.

building tools for sovereighty

3 min read

Everyone has a reason for building. For some people, it’s to solve a problem they’ve experienced. For others, it’s to earn a sustainable income or “make it big”. Some build just because they love building. I build tools for sovereignty.

how talentlayer secured european union funding, and how you can too

8 min read

Two months ago were accepted into the NGI Search Support Programme funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Programme. NGI is an initiative to support research and new open-source innovations that increase data searchability and sharing across the web.

the 🐔 and 🥚 problem

4 min read

The “chicken and egg problem” in labor marketplaces refers to the challenge of attracting both workers and customers to a platform when one group is needed to attract the other. How do we overcome it?

the great evolution of the marketplace

11 min read

Exploring how market networks, unbundling, and user-owned networks are changing the future of marketplaces.

the talentlayer manifesto - enabling freedom through work reputation

3 min read

Verifiable work is the bedrock of reputation. This is why you have the strongest reputations with people you have worked with directly or with a few degrees of separation; it is easy to find people to attest ...

sharing some of my art

2 min read

At one point in my life I was "supposed to be an artist". As a kid I was always told the only thing I was good at was art. So, I decided I had...

are intellectual property nfts on the horizon?

7 min read

I can’t shake the feeling that intellectual property NFTs are on the horizon. NFTs are a type of cryptographic token

how uniswap v3 boosts capital efficiency by increasing stakeholder decision rights

6 min read

How does Uniswap V3 hope to boost capital efficiency through increasing stakeholder decision rights? Three highly impactful innovations are present in V3... Concentrated Liquidity, Fee Tiers, Liquidity Positions being represented as NFTs. In this piece, we’ll take a look at these updates and their implications.

keeperdao’s mutualist solution to gas wars

2 min read

In DeFi, gas wars eat profits and harm the ecosystem. When a borrower experiences a liquidation event on platforms like Compound, Aavem collateral is put up for sale or auctioned. Traders and bots compete to trade during these event..

human-centric enterprise blockchain design

7 min read

All too often, I see founders in the enterprise blockchain space making the same mistake; a lack of human-centric design. I’m talking about intimately involving who you’re project...

enterprise blockchain applications | fedex institute

2 min read

This workshop was hosted as part of the FedEx Institute of Technology Speaker Series, a virtual series on the current and future state of blockchain technology where tech leaders from Microsoft, IBM, IEEE, Consensys Health, and more shared their real world experience

who needs a seat at your enterprise DLT’s table?

9 min read

You’re building a blockchain-based solution that will revolutionize the way your industry does business. A few early partners have committed to help launch your multi-stakeholder solution. Together, you’ve begun to recruit other industry players interested...

tricks and traps in enterprise blockchain stakeholder engagement

8 min read

The top three enterprise blockchain coalition patterns (and what you must know about them).

protecting IP in business to business partnerships

37 min read

The following transcript is from the webinar Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) in Partnerships; a scenario-driven webinar discussion on how to leverage best practices for IP protection to build more secure, mutually-beneficial business partnerships.

ieee p2145's blockchain governance reading list

5 min read

The following curriculum is updated periodically with new modules and readings. The last update was made on August 20th, 2020. If you are interested...

how italki language exchange is providing a store of value during monetary crises

3 min read

My tutor stores all of her funds in iTalki credits. When she needs to buy groceries, she converts just enough iTalki credits to Argentinean peso to cover what she needs to buy that day and preserves the remainder in credits. This allows her to avoid the money she earned on Monday depreciating into dust by the time she wants to buy something on Friday.