I've been building software startups since I was 16. I've tried a lot, failed a lot, and learned a lot.

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TalentLayer, Executive Lead

the protocol network for storing and accessing verified work history and reviews

🟢 July 2022 - Present

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Facings, COO

a white-label NFT marketplace solution for influencers, sports collectables, clothing companies, and more. grew it from 5 to 12 people, generated revenue, raised pre-seed round. its still running today w/o me.

🟢 June 2021 - July 2022

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SponPay, COO

an micro-influencer marketing marketplace. had 40 or so users and some transactions, but we had trouble scaling past small volume. today there are dozens of similar platforms succeeding big - we were too early.

🔴 Nov 2018 - April 2019

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Pollr, Business Development Officer

an alternative political data aggregator designed to give lobbying organizations more accurate data to advocate their positions with. the problem we tried to solve ended up being very misguided - turns out political organizations don not want more accurate data, they want data that supports their side of the story.

🔴 Jan 2019 - Nov 2020

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PeopleHat, Founder

a monthly subsctiption for virtual assistants (indie hack, for extra income). initially tried to serve software entreprenurs, but had more traction with real estate agents. i ended up closing it to focus more on my main startup at the time (Pollr).

🔴 June 2020 - August 2020

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F4F Learn, COO

an online course platform designed for high-school age public speaking curriculum. had dozens of student teachers posting video courses from around the US and Canada and 100s of viewers (but no business model)!

🔴 June 2015 - Jan 2016

governance consulting and research

I've been leading research organizations and consulting on blockchian governance since 2019. I entered the space after I left a political career for tech, and discovered this unique niche where I had a unique way to add value.

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IEEE P2145 Blockchian Governance Working Group, Vice Chair

a working group on blockchian governnce standards. grew it from 0 to 200 contributors, with final research being published in 2023.

🟢 Nov 2019 - August 2021

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Independent Consulting

advised on various enterprise blockchain projects on systems design and governance, with a focus on blockchain consortia and infrastructure projects. notably designed a blockchain governance and stakeholder alignment strategy and implementation for a major enterprise blockchain KYC automation protocol geared to a network of Caribbean banks alongside team members from the IEEE working group.

🟢 June 2019 - Present

prior political work

I worked for 4 years in politics - initially grassroots campaign work, and later grassroots lobbying. I worked on issues I cared about, all around individual freedom and economic liberty - everything from preventing corporate bailouts to making immigration easier. I left government work because I realized that entrepreneurs have a hell of a lot bigger impact on human quality of life improvement than any policy change ever will.

hackathon projects

I've been to 13 hackathons the past year and a half. Most of the time, I'm there building proofs of concept on TalentLayer. I've won prizes at the past 6 that I've hacked at.