ieee p2145's blockchain governance reading list

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Blockchain Governance Reading List

A Curriculum Maintained by the IEEE P2145, Working Group on Blockchain/DLT Governance Standards

The following curriculum is updated periodically with new modules and readings. The last update was made on August 20th, 2020. If you are interested in learning more about blockchain governance or contributing to our work, reach out to our Chair, Thomas B. Cox, or our Vice Chair, Kirsten Pomales.

Module 1: An Introduction to Blockchain Governance

The Role of Governance
Governance Models and Design

Module 2: Advanced Concepts in Blockchain Governance

Incomplete Contract Theory
Game Theory and Blockchain Governance
Stakeholder Alignment in Blockchain Systems

Module 3: An Introduction to Tokenomics

The Economics of Blockchains
Tokenomics (Cryptoeconomics)

Module 4: Introduction to Blockchain Consortium Governance

Consortium Basics
Consortium Design & Governance

Module 5: Use Cases In Action: Scaling Through Governance

The Chair's Recommended Reading on Blockchain Governance

The following books and courses are exceptional resources for those seeking a greater understanding of blockchain governance and collectives design.

About IEEE P2145 Working Group on Blcockahin/DLT Governance
Blockchain / DLT Governance is a complex topic. The topic is made more difficult by a lack of a shared language. The IEEE P2145 Working Group exists to identify and share a common vocabulary for discussing the governance of shared ledgers, and to eventually draft standards for DLT governance activities (a Process Model), and possibly for defining the maturity of a governance regime (a Maturity Model).

P2145 actively seeks participation from individuals plus other standards organizations, blockchain ecosystems, consortia, and other entities in pursuit of our holistic and collaborative approach to standards development. If you represent an organization with an interest in DLT governance standards, please connect with us through our website..

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