hey, i'm kirsten!

I spend most of my time leading the team behind TalentLayer: TalentLayer is a protocol network for storing and accessing verified work history and reviews.

I write shitty code, but I build great teams. I've been building software startups since I was 16. I've tried a lot, failed a lot, and learned a lot.

I ran an IEEE research group on Blockchain Governance from 2019 to 2021. You can listen to my lectures on blockchain governance and ecosystem design, hosted by INATBA (European Commission blockchain association), The IEEE, Fedex Institute of Technology, Hyperledger Foundation and others.

My most fundamental belief is that humans are autonomous; that is, they are able to take action to impact their environment and circumstances. Anything can be done by anyone with enough willpower and grit. We make our own reality. When we realize this, we are free.

Dropout and self-taught dev.

Ask me about Cryptoanarchy.

Currently not based anywhere, but you can find me at the next blockchain hackathon.

growth mode

My biggest goal right now is making TalentLayer grow.

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TalentLayer, Executive Lead

the protocol network for storing and accessing verified work history and reviews

🟢 July 2022 - Present

prior startups

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Facings, COO

a white-label NFT marketplace solution for influencers, sports collectables, clothing companies, and more. grew it from 5 to 12 people, generated revenue, raised pre-seed round. its still running today w/o me.

🟢 June 2021 - July 2022

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SponPay, COO

an micro-influencer marketing marketplace. had 40 or so users and some transactions, but we had trouble scaling past small volume. today there are dozens of similar platforms succeeding big - we were too early.

🔴 Nov 2018 - April 2019

hackathon projects

I've been to 13 hackathons the past year and a half. Most of the time, I'm there building proofs of concept on TalentLayer. I've won prizes at the past 6 that I've hacked at.