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Blockchain: Enterprise Applications with the Fedex Institute

A three-part event, hosted as part of the FedEx Institute of Technology Speaker Series
Posted on August 1, 2020

"Blockchain: Enterprise Applications" was hosted as part of the FedEx Institute of Technology Speaker Series, a virtual series on the current and future state of blockchain technology where tech leaders from Microsoft, IBM, IEEE, Consensys Health, and more shared their real world experience and provided insight into what lies ahead in the blockchain world.

During our three-part lecture, Thomas B. Cox and I led a group of MBA students and executive leaders through the process of understanding and learning to apply blockchain technology to create solutions tailored to their company's needs.

Lecture 1: Blockchain's Implications for Enterprises

An exploration of the implications of blockchain technology for enterprises

Lecture 2: Blockchain: Why Governance?

A deep dive into why governance will play an integral role in the success of blockchain applications and networks

Lecture 3: Preparing Your Organization for Blockchain

A workshop on preparing their organization to ideate on, evaluate, and adopt blockchain technology

Thank you to the Fedex Institute and Blockchain901 for having us as guests! It was a pleasure to speak to your engaged group of students and professionals.