building a freelance search chatgpt plugin in 7 days

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TLDR: TalentLayer GPT app live today. Official announcement coming next week.

The long-awaited ChatGPT Store launched this week Wednesday January 10th. Leading up to it’s launch, the TalentLayer team has been developing a very exciting tool in this new ecosystem. Today, we wanted to share it with you, #buildinpublic style.

Today we’re announcing the V1 of Freelance Search, a ChatGPT plugin that allows workers to search for freelancing opportunities across many freelance marketplaces. Freelance Search was one of the first applications to go live on ChatGPT Store, this Thursday the 11th in the evening.

This was a WILD ride getting this ready to go live. We did it all in 2 weeks on a whim. We’ll be “formally” announcing Freelance Search next week once the V2 is live (with support for a few major freelance marketplaces, totaling over 1 million in searchable jobs).

The #buildinpublic story

On the 5th of this month (only 7 days ago?!?) my CF sent me this message.

alpha: the “aggregator api” is going to be important, keep an eye out for that

So we were like “yea this sounds like a great opportunity. let’s fucking go.”

In late November Pranav hacked a quick GPT app that queried jobs from TalentLayer (literally just for fun). The idea was to take that and make it production ready so people could actually use it.

But, we had an idea that would make it even better — we’re in the process of developing an “Aggregator API” which you saw mentioned in Romain’s message. What this is is it’s an API that pulls together all jobs posted on, Guru, and Upwork (for now 😉). We were like “Let’s just plug it all together, and then we’ve got the biggest baddest freelance search engine ever to exist”.

7 days later, the V1 of the app is live, creds to Pranav, Brib, Romain, and me.

You can find it in the ChatGPT Store search bar or test it out at the link here.

How it works

Freelance Search lets you search real-time work posts on TalentLayer, directly from ChatGPT’s interface.

Just ask Freelance Search to help you find the type of roles you are looking for.

In the next version (coming next week sometime) you’ll be able to also find jobs from Upwork, Freelancer, Guru — totaling over 1 million jobs available.

If you find an opportunity you like, click through the link provided to apply for the role directly on the freelance marketplace it came from.

PS: Don’t forget to ask Freelance Search to help you write your proposals!

Test it out today

Want to try it out? You can find us by typing “Freelance Search” in the GPT Store search bar, or find us at the link here.

Like I said, we’re OFFICIALLY announcing it next week when V2 is live, but consider this your super secret alpha preview.


GPT Store is currently only available for ChatGPT Premium members. In order to use Freelance Search, you must first set up a ChatGPT Premium membership.

Read the open-source code here.