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Shaping the Future Economy with Hyperledger India

Posted on May 2 2021

It was a pleasure discussing how we can get more ladies involved in all areas of #blockchain tech with my friends at Hyperledger India and Saintgits University during their panel discussion "Women in Blockchain: Shaping the Future Economy"!

The distributed ledger tech space is open, egalitarian, and a great place to start a career as a #womenintechnology.

That being said, there are barriers to entry for us - namely precedent. Very few teams in blockchain and crypto tech have women in leadership, let alone on their team period.

Luckily, any precedent can be overwritten with enough hard work, collaboration, and lifting each other up! I greatly admire the work of Raji Iyengar, Csilla Zsigri, George Coxon, Daniela Barbosa, Alex Albano, and Leanne Kemp in this effort!

Are you a lady looking to get into the blockchain space? Let's chat! I'd be happy to share some advice or make introductions when useful.

Watch the full recording of our talk on Hyperledger's YouTube channel.